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Treatment & Prevention Services for Common Household Pests

Subterranean Termite control is a necessity in our area.


Many property owners are experiencing this first hand with extensive termite infestation and damage.

At Hopper's Pest Control we have been protecting homes against termite infestations since 1982. Our trained technicians evaluate each customer’s property to determine the best control program. We use the best material and treatment programs in order to guarantee to protection of the treated property.

This not only builds value in the property but gives our customers the peace of mind they need.

Inspection:  Our trained technicians carefully inspect each property to determine the level of termite infestation and best treatment options.

 At Hopper's Pest Control we use only the Liquid Barrier Option: A liquid barrier treatment involves applying a liquid termiticide to the soil underneath and adjacent to the structures foundation.

Once applied, the liquid barrier goes to work immediately and provides effective protection by creating a continuous barrier around the property.

At Hopper's Pest Control we use liquid products that termites can't smell, taste or avoid. 

Once a termite contacts the termiticide it will become a carrier contacting and affecting others.

We use products that are effective at very low application rates. These products bind to the soil, so there is no leaching due to rainfall or irrigation.

We use the most effective liquid termiticide products available today with our programs. Our skilled technicians are fully trained and certified by State, Federal and Industry agencies to apply these products and to protect your property.

Continuous Protection......

Hopper's Pest Control offers a 5 Year Warranty Plan for $150 a year following the completion of a full termite treatment.  If we find termites during our inspection we retreat the area at no addition cost over the warranty price of $150.  Hopper's Pest Control recommends treating your home for termites every 5 years.

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