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Treatment & Prevention Services for Common Household Pests

At Hopper's Pest Control, our 42 years of experience have taught us that no two accounts are the same. We approach each account with a clean slate ready to perform whatever services are needed to provide a pest-free environment.

Our pest control plans provide a service that resolves your pest problems and protects your home, family and pets. Our residential service program will effectively control and eliminate the pest problem you're having, no matter how severe.

Interior Service

Initially, we perform a thorough inspection of your property. We then treat select areas inside your home for control and prevention of any common household pest. This service is then provided on an as needed basis.

Perimeter Service

Treatment of a property's perimeter reduces the chance of pest invasion. Our treatment program stops them on the outside to keep them from getting inside. This service is critical to the success of our program, therefore all exterior areas are addressed. We service flower bed areas, portions of the exterior walls, entrance ways, carports and storage areas. We also treat any fire ant mounds within 25 feet of your home.

Web Removal:  Since eaves and overhangs often harbor spiders and harmful flying insects, including wasps and hornets, we regularly treat these areas and remove their nests and webs.



Rodent Control

Rats and mice make your home their home. We inspect for evidence of rodent activity and then target problem areas with a safe and effective program that includes baiting, glue boards and/or traps.

For those customers who want complete coverage and peace of mind we offer great rates on service agreements with no worries of being locked into a contract.   If at some point you chose to discontinue your service just give us a call, its that simple.  With our service agreement, you not only get our exceptional pest service but you will also receive a free termite inspection every year.   We offer monthly, 60day, 90day service plans for residential and commercial customers.

We perform these services on time and we guarantee the results. If a covered pest problem arises between services, we will come back and take care of it at no additional charge.

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