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There are numerous insect species that affect the comfort and well being of residents living in the Pee Dee area. They fly and crawl in an around our homes and businesses every day and night.

Most of these insects are seasonal. There are some however such as silverfish, drain flies, Indian meal moths, springtails, grain weevils and clothes moths that can and will live inside your property throughout the entire year. Those that are truly seasonal may include flies, earwigs, centipedes, crickets, clover mites, carpenter bees, stink bugs, yellow jackets, ladybugs and wasps.

Although most of these pests are not harmful, some do provide reasons for concern. Flies are disease carriers; wasps and yellow jackets sting; weevils, moths and silverfish contaminate and feed on property and food; while carpenter bees damage window frames, eves and siding.


How Are They Controlled?

There are several basic steps we follow while implementing control procedures for these occasional invaders.

First we inspect the property to identify the insect pest and determine it's source. There are numerous reasons these types of invaders are in and around the property and it is critical that the food or harborage areas be found.

These areas may include exterior mulch beds, compost pile, decaying organic materials, contaminated food stuffs, packaging materials, forgotten Christmas cookies, etc. Once the source is determined, treatment applications are made when and where they are needed.



How Much Does It Cost?

Most of the occasional invading pests in our area are effectively controlled with our standard pest control service program. We do offer additional service options that provide control of the more difficult pests such as yellow jackets, springtails and moths. When you contact our office we should be able to provide you with a general service cost, as well as answer any questions you may have.

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