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Reclaim Your Yard With Our Perimeter Mosquito Program

Mosquitoes are not just a nuisance, but also a health risk to your family and pets. Our perimeter mosquito program is a great benefit at a great price.

Hopper's Pest Control service professionals inspect and evaluate your property to locate and identify known or suspected mosquito breeding and harboring areas.

We then design a program that suits your situation and achieve our desired objective.

We eliminate any discovered or suspected breeding areas and perform necessary treatments of probable mosquito harboring areas.

Our monthly programs begin in April and continue through September.

We also offer a special event service which is a one time application that provides a short term barrier ensuring the comfort of you and your guests. It is a great feature for weddings, Bar-B-Que's and family gatherings.

Our mosquito control services allow you to reclaim your yard again.


Call 903-963-5000 today to ask about 
our Mosquito Control Treatments.

Large Property, Special Event and Seasonal Services also available.

* Mosquito Control Specials good for up to 1/2 acre. Call for quote on larger properties. 

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