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We Provide a Pest-free Work Environment for Your Business


At Hopper's Pest Control, we have been providing commercial services for businesses and other commercial properties since 1982. We know that the protection of a customer's people, service product and reputation are critical to their ability to maintain their image and profitability.


Our commercial pest management programs target and prevent the pests, that present a threat to our customer's properties. We develop and customize our Integrated Pest Management Service to challenges unique to each account.


We service a variety of commercial industries including:

Warehouse & Storage Facilities: Large or small a storage facility is an excellent location for rodents, spiders, ants, silverfish, roaches and more. We establish a pest protection barrier around the structure's exterior and service the interior to prevent contamination and damage.

Multi Unit Housing: Programs for this type of account fits the individual need of each living area. We work to remove any pest from the property and keep it pest free.

Office & Retail Buildings: We provide an integrated pest protection program that meets the needs of these unique facilities and maintains a pest free business environment.


Hospitality: Any pest problem in this type of facility can become a profit killer. We provide the protection needed to keep each unit free of pests and our clients free of worry.

Food Service: Our service programs for restaurants and commercial kitchens is second to none.


We get the results that are needed and work hard to keep it that way. 

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