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What Are Bed Bugs?

The bed bug is an insect that feeds on warm blooded animals and humans are their primary host. Bed bugs have been a pest of man for a long time and are found throughout the world.

Once an infestation is established bed bugs can be found in any crack or crevice. They are commonly found in furniture, behind baseboards, under carpets, behind light switches, electrical outlets and picture frames. Of course their favorite location is near their food source, so they are found in bed frames, mattress folds and head boards. The threat and reality of bed bug activity is real and they are fast becoming an epidemic.

How Are They Controlled?

A treatment for bed bug control is a task for an experienced pest control operator. There is no magic treatment procedure and a combination of several techniques must be involved.

A thorough inspection is performed to identify and assess the severity of the infestation, then a customized treatment process is implemented that involves all known infestation areas as well as those suspected areas that our experience has shown to be likely harborage sites.

We then follow up this initial treatment with an inspection and monitoring program to make certain the area is bed bug free.

How Much Does It Cost?

No two bed bug treatments are the same and there are several factors that affect the amount of time and material that is required to resolve this problem.

Our cost is based on these factors and we guarantee that the price will be fair and the results will be 100% effective.

When you contact our office we can give you a general idea of what the service will involve and in some situations a general cost.

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